Penetration Testing

By using Penetration testing Vidim Cyber uses a form of ethical hacking to step into the shoes of an intruder or attacker. We use penetration tests, also known as Pentests, to conduct an authorized and simulated cyberattack on your IT systems or networks to assess the security of that system. Penetration tests are performed to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities as well as provide a full risk assessment of your systems.

Using the intruder’s perspective, we hunt for vulnerabilities and identify holes in your systems which leaves you exposed to exploitation. This helps us determine the reliability of your current defences and also isolate the weaker or failed areas of your defences if any. We use Penetration testing to attempt to exploit your applications, people, processes, infrastructure and networks. We then gather data from the results of these attempts to provide insights into the vulnerabilities, its impact and the likelihood of a breach into any of your information assets. Lastly, we leverage our industry experience to provide strategic guidance and deliver tailored and detailed advice on preventive measures.


It increases the security of existing defences by patching newly found vulnerabilities and isolating areas of failures.


Maintains the integrity of your digital assets, awarding trust and reliability from your customers, partners or third-party relationships.


Helps in keeping access to sensitive and confidential data out of the reach of unauthorized parties.


Ensures a secure system and 360-degree breach control for continued availability.