Wireless Penetration Testing (WPT)

A simple Wi-Fi of a company can be used to breach their security. Therefore, it is essential to understand how secure your data is when your company has wireless access points to your data. When it comes to wireless, we test if your data in transit is secure and if the systems in communication via wireless technology are safeguarded from unauthorized tampering or theft.

How Does Vidim Cyber Boost Your Network Application Safety?

Vidim Cyber uses wireless penetration tests to examine your network using similar techniques of the standard wired penetration tests. However, we focus on the wireless points as the gateway to exploit your vulnerabilities. We perform or employ various common attacks such as peer-to-peer attacks, eavesdropping, encryption cracking attack, authentication attacks, wireless hijacking, etc. Evaluating the security of your deployed wireless solutions safeguards you from potential break-in points.